Call for Papers

This year we are announcing a Call for Papers. We are looking forward to a broad range of participants, including first time convention speakers and hope to shine a spotlight on the efforts of energetic people from within our movement as well as outstanding people from outside of our fold who have much to share with us.

A few things to note: we have invited a few international speakers and are in the process of approaching some local celebrities. Most speakers will be sourced from this Call for Papers process. The Call for Papers closes on 3rd June.

We are looking for people who have some public speaking experience, perhaps at prior conventions, Skepticamps, academically or on podcasts. Both subject experts and enthusiastic skeptical investigators are encouraged to participate. You are welcome to list prior experience, links to presentation notes and articles after your abstract. Speakers who cannot provide a topic and abstract will not be considered.

The form below asks participants to nominate whether their presentation is suitable within a range of formats. This includes 15 minute Skepticamp style presentations, workshops and A2 posters. The Saturday and Sunday of the convention will mostly consist of 25 and 45 minute speaking slots. Workshops and short presentations may be held on the Friday if a significant number of quality submissions are received during the Call for Papers.

We can commit to giving a two day convention ticket to all 25 and 45 minute speakers on the Saturday and Sunday sessions.

Lastly we presume in most cases that speakers will be able to travel to the convention and stay without financial assistance. In extraordinary circumstances we may be able to assist, so please explain your situation in the box at the bottom of the form labeled, “Assistance requested”.

We are expecting a lot of interest from prospective speakers and we anticipate that we will hear from enough to fill our program two or three time over. If we are unable to fit your presentation into our convention we will certainly keep your details for other upcoming events that could benefit from your talents.

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