Jo Thornely

Jo Thornely is the host of Zealot, a podcast about cults, and author of a book of the same name. She’s written for the mainstream media, the middle-stream media and a few woke puddles, and is obsessed with true crime and religious sleight-of-hand. Jo is, so far, too polite to start her own cult.

Jo has researched cults from around the world, including a number of local Australian ones. She takes a skeptical approach in examining why anyone would apparently abandon their critical thinking skills at the compound door and, furthermore, why they remain in what are sometimes horrendous situations.

While being respectful of the suffering of vulnerable cult members and ensuring attention to the facts, Jo takes a humorous approach to examining the motivations and manipulations of narcissistic cult leaders. This irreverence is deliberately in stark contrast to the way these leaders desire to be perceived.

Jo lives in Sydney and will be one of our key Australian presenters.

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