Susan Gerbic, renowned American Skeptic, will be returning to Melbourne to speak at Skepticon 2019.

Susan has a track record of strong skeptical activism. A recent New York Times article outlines Susan’s current focus which is working to expose people claiming to be clairvoyant mediums. She has organised and participated in stings that expose how so called psychics source their information. She has worked to provide information regarding reading techniques and organised protests giving out leaflets outlining failed psychic predictions.

She is also the founder and leader of Guerrilla Skepticism on Wikipedia. The group sets out to improve skeptical content on Wikipedia. The group includes more than 120 editors from around the world including those from Australia.

Susan lives in California and has retired from her work as a professional photographer.

Susan joins the The Skeptics’ Guide to the Universe as key presenters at this year’s event along with many speakers from the Australian skeptical community.

Skepticon 2019 will be held in Melbourne from December 6-8. Full details are available from the convention website with early bird tickets going go on sale from 1st June.