Matt Nurse will be speaking at Skepticon 2019 on Motivated numeracy – Why smart people reject the facts they don’t like. This is always an interesting question, but the reaction to climate protests makes it a timely one too.

Matt will present the findings from his randomised controlled experiment, which shows that Australians don’t always use their smarts when assessing climate change risks, and will discuss ways we can use the power of identity to persuade audiences to accept the facts on publicly controversial matters of science.

Matt Nurse is an Australian communications director with a master’s degree in communications. For more than 20 years he has advised politicians and governments in communications and media. Now he’s a graduate student at the Australian National University’s Colleges of Science, where he’s using his practical knowledge of the art of spin to research who falls for misinformation and why.

When he’s not reading fake news, he’s doing science experiments with his kids and maintaining his unhealthy and illogical relationship with the Melbourne Demons Australian Rules Football Club.

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